Set the table

Nothing goes above a nice evening with friends and / or family enjoying a home-cooked dinner in your own home. If you don’t want to be in the kitchen all night or running around serving your guests, make sure you are well prepared before your guests arrive. Of course you want to spend the majority of the time with your guests at the table.

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Make sure that everything is prepared for what can be prepared: Cut the vegetables, polish the mushrooms, cool the wine, preheat the oven, spread the chocolate mouse over the dessert plates, pour the coffee milk into a jug, cut the dessert cheeses and …

set the table!

Het mooi en gezellig dekken van de tafel kan behoorlijk wat tijd in beslag nemen. Voorkom dat je met borden en glaswerk in de weer moet terwijl je gasten zitten te wachten. Het ziet er nog eens netjes, verzorgd, gezellig en goed voorbereid uit ook! 

A good, stylish, cozy table setting can take a lot of time. Avoid having to run around with plates and glasses while your guests are waiting. Make sure the table is set before they arrive! It looks shipshape, cozy and well prepared too!

There are of course certain etiquettes that you can stick to for setting the table. But, depending on the type of guests you will receive, you can also be creative and follow your own style for your table setting. Think about preparing some nice amuses or  a nice amuse and/or aperitif your guests can enjoy while you finish the last little things in the kitchen.

Below you’ll find some examples

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