Hide away or showroom?

Earlier we mentioned changing clothes and storing clothes and accessories. Ideally, you have enough room in the house for a walk-in closet, but in some cases you will have to do with a closet in the bedroom.

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No matter how much space you have, the question we all have to ask ourselves is: Do I want to hide my wardrobe in closed closets or can it be seen? You may want to rearrange your open closet at the start of each season and prefer to hide the other items behind closed doors.

Are you a “keeper” or is a selection of your most beautiful clothing items enough for you?
Nowadays there are numerous closet systems on the market that offer something for everyone: in addition to hanging and laying, cupboard organisation systems are available for shoes, jewelry, bags, belts, accessories and so on.
But a very simple rack or a rod with cables on the ceiling may also work well to display your most beautiful items?

If you prefer peace and quiet in the room, you can of course (partly) close your wardrobe with doors, sliding doors, partly or not partly, shutters, mirrored walls etc.

And the best thing of course after finishing your new closet / wardrobe project: You can once again go through your collection. Give away what you will probably never use again and update your wardrobe again!

We collected the most beautiful wardrobes and closets here for you for inspiration