Garden varieties

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Some people love having a big garden, others just think of the time it takes to maintain such garden. Cause let’s face it; not everyone has the same love for gardening or likes having to constantly trim out sprouting plants

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A small garden is easy to provide with a nice wooden or tiled floor. Add a few nice pots and plants, maybe a nice flower box on the wall … trim a few times a year, give it a little water in the summer and that’s about it!

But a large garden is a completely different story: The easy thing is perhaps a big green lawn: mow it a few times a year and take care of the trees and plants that you would like to have in your garden. Some people go all-the-way with their garden: for the people who love to work outside in the garden regularly, almost “obliged”.

Also consider why and what you want with your garden: Privately relaxing by yourself or with family? Or would you like to organize parties and BBQ’s regularly? Maybe you just want it to be a nice view from the window in the living room or kitchen?

We found a nice variety of different gardens for you:

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