We often talk about the importance of decoration with accessories. Nowadays, there is a wide range of cushions, figurines, photo frames, candles, bottles and vases and plants in numerous home shops and web shops. But they can not compete with the oldest and best accessories of all: FLOWERS!

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There are so many different ways of decorating with flowers. From a few tulips in a vase to an extensive bouquet, and all in your own style. Nowadays there are artificial flowers for sale that are hardly distinguishable from real ones. But they’re often quite expensive. For us nothing beats a fresh bunch of flowers!

Besides that a (well-kept) fresh bouquet gives a nice and well cared-for appearance, it has another big advantage: every time you renew the flowers you can give your house a slightly different style by choosing different flower types and colors.

You can also make a small refurbishment of the room each time because the large bunch of wild flowers might be better on the sideboard and that vase of colored tulips better on the dining table.

Fresh flowers are not cheap, but you can keep a little bit of grip on the costs yourself.
To start with, buy flowers at a good florist shop. They can tell you exactly how long they will stay fresh and often give a guarantee on that.
Go all-in with special occasions such as birthdays, dinners and other times when you expect visitors. In other times save some money by placing a simple bunch of tulips or daffodils. Bulbs like hyacinths can bloom for a long time.
Often there are different flowers and greens in a bouquet, one will have faded faster than the other: Try to replace the faded flowers for fresh ones.

You will see that you have never been so happy with your interior than when you have paid attention to it again every 1 or 2 weeks. Imagine all the compliments you can expect from others if you have fresh flowers!

Do you want to make it easy for yourself? Why don’t you just order them online? Just like the groceries, clothing, gifts and gadgets!
Take a look at delivery websites from and In most cases, these kind of webshops guarantee the freshness for at least a week, just like the local florist!
Nice to order for yourself, perhaps even more fun to give as a present.

See for yourself how beautiful flowers can be!
Once you have started with regularly refresh your flowers, you will never want anything else!

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