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Our bedroom obviously is the place where we should be able to completely relax. Nevertheless, it is often the room at the end of the priority list when moving into a new house or redesigning it. 

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It is important to think about where exactly you’re going to use the bedroom for. The most important thing is sleeping of course, but the secondary purposes may differ per household.

  • Should there be space reserved for a cradle?
  • Do you have a separate clothing room or do you need to have wardrobes in the bedroom? If so, you may also want to take dressing space into account and a full-length mirror.
  • Also think about other storage space in your bedroom: Are 2 small shelves next to the bed sufficient enough, or are (lockable) bedside tables necessary? What closet and storage space is needed?
  • Is the place only for sleeping, or do you want to create space to be able to relax and isolate yourself from time to time? Think of a few nice chairs or a desk if you don’t have a separate study.
  • Do you like to read? Then think of good reading lights next to the bed or chair.
  • Or do you prefer to watch TV? If so, think about placing the receiver for TV signal.
  • And don’t forget the window coverings: Do you have shutters to darken the room or do you need thick blackout curtains?
  • And finally the lighting: You want to have good lighting for fitting that new outfit your bought. But we all like some more mood lighting in the bedroom from time to time

It is therefore important that you first decide what the space will be used for and what you’ll need for that.

To complete the story, we provide you with some mood pictures of bedrooms:

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