Beds for cats and dogs

A house must be a home for the whole family, including your dog(s) and / or cat(s)! Some pets will automatically find their own place in a windowsill, under the table, on the doormat or in a corner of the stairs. Some owners are fine their best friend lay hold on the best spot on the sofa. But most pets often have their own basket, pillow or rug.

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Although many beautiful dog and cat beds can be found nowadays, it’s difficult sometimes to fit them seamlessly with the rest of your interior. A dog cushion in the corner, a cat shelf on the window sill, a scratching post on the place where you actually wanted to put that beautiful plant … it’s all just not.
Therefore it is best to take the sleeping places for our faithful four-legged friends already into account when designing your home.

Beside the beautiful pet beds you can buy, have you thought of making one yourself? For example, think of:

  • Adapting an old cabinet and painting it into a doghouse
  • A few desk drawers for your cats or small dogs
  • The latest trend in Japan: Doll beds! For example from IKEA
  • A basket on ropes
  • A large tray on a side table
  • An old pallet with pillow
  • A pouf or table
  • Half a wine barrel

Let your creativity run! There is so much that could serve as a nice place for your dog or cat!

With a few boards, hammer + nails or wood glue and some paint you can come a long way. By making your own frame you can quickly create a beautiful place that works well in your interior.

Don’t forget the decoration! This can also be done entirely in your own style: An animal pillow or animal mattress can serve as a base. If desired, with a special pillowcase to your taste which can be washed easily. But you can also opt for multiple small pillows, blankets or go for chic: A fake fur always works well!

tip: Are you going to make something yourself? Then first search for an animal pillow / animal mattress. It is easier to make the rest of the bed in that size.

Once the bed is ready, your pet can quietly get used to his new place. Your pet may not have the same taste as you and may not be charmed by his new place directly. Try to convince him with a snack or toy. Try to put all his toys on the new space every time you’re cleaning up. Every time your dog or cat takes initiative to go to his new place, you can reward him with a snack or a (new) toy.

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For inspiration the nicest (DIY) pet beds we found on the internet:

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