Bathroom ideas

Classic, Modern, A place to relax or purely practical? Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. 

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Voordat je met de badkamer aan de slag gaat bedenk je goed waar deze in het dagelijks leven voor gebruikt gaat worden Hoe veel mensen maken gebruik van de badkamer? Hoe veel opbergruimte heb je nodig? Vergeet daarbij niet dat opgroeiende kinderen (pubers) steeds meer ruimte in beslag zullen nemen met hun eigen badkamerspulletjes. 

Before you start on the bathroom, think about what it will be used for in everyday life. How many people will use the bathroom? How much storage space do you need? Don’t forget that children (teenagers) will take up more and more space with their own bathroom items.

Do you want to quickly create a multifunctional bathroom then you can’t go wrong with a modern sleek bathroom. Store your bathroom items in cupboards and drawers as much as possible. You can then decorate it yourself with accessories. Bathroom supplies themselves can serve as accessories too: Nice shampoo bottles, a pile of fresh towels in your favorite color, perfume and aftershave bottles. But everything in moderation; make sure that the accessories fit your chosen style, all other items can be stored in a stylish bathroom furniture. In these ways, in addition to a bathroom for everyday use, you also create a place where you can relax.

Also think about plants in your bathroom! It has been proven that the presence of plants reduces stress. Go for a super sleek, modern bathroom design and make it cozy with, for example, ferns, aloe vera and snake plant.

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