Awesome kid’s bedrooms

Much is happening in the bedrooms of your kids: sleeping, playing, changing, dressing, tinkering, building, dancing, reading … and all in one room. This requires a practical layout with plenty of storage space. It must be sustainable, but still look nice.

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Many people choose a theme such as princesses, football, space, jungle. This way you have a grip which can make the rest of the layout and decoration a lot easier.

Start by choosing a floor. Carpet naturally dampens the sound, is soft for the knees and is nice and warm. But as soon as a glass of lemonade, some glue or paint is spilled, you would wish you had chosen a hard floor such as laminate, wood or PVC. When you choose for one of these floors, you can always finish it with a (replaceable / washable) rug.

The most essential piece of furniture is of course the bed, but it also takes up the most space. It is therefor the biggest eye-catcher in space. If your children are outgrowing the time that they still want to be read in bed, you can switch to a high or half-high bed. That way you double the space!

Make use of all the space you have: For example, go for extra high closets so that you can store things that are not often needed (summer / winter clothes). Under the bed there is still enough space for a few storage boxes or a fold-out bed for a guest. And a large box with a cushion on it can also serve as a bench.

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As with most other rooms, it is important to keep it calm. The room will be crowded enough as soon as it is put into use and more and more items will be added.

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